More Than Just Minding ~ From Kennels to Pet Hotel [Rebranding].

If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”
Karen Tiernan, the owner and the founder of Wicklow Kennels & Cattery made this bold decision to follow her passion, leave the stable public job, and focus on working with animals over 13 years ago. She created a beautiful space for cats and dogs and has never stopped developing it since. You needed to book your beloved pet many months in advance to get the spot.
After working with her I totally understand why this place received such a trust from the clients and great reputation. Karen is a mixture of a loving heart, a perfrecionist and a goal-orientated woman.

When COVID hit the world and affected most businesses, Karen has decided to expand the services and create an online pet shop. Also it was the time when Wicklow Kennels & Cattery became Wicklow Pet Hotel.

This is the moment when I came on board and redesigned the entire brand.
Building up a new website, integrating WooCommerce and setting up a funcioning the online business took us few months and it has been a huge learning curve for the entire team. It grew from a basic few-pages website into a place providing multilayered stock-controlled shop with discounts, membership option, subscription services, free gifts, mailchimp integration, advanced review options and more complex user experience. And we still keep pushing it further.

Rebranding also included developing a defined tone of voice and the visual basics (logo, palette, tagline) and after spread on many aspets of the business:
– print collateral: brochures, business cards, letterhead, compliment slips, tags, stickers, posters, informational documents
– business documentation: reports, T&Cs and forms
– signage & uniforms
– set up and managing of social media platforms (Facebook, 2 Instagram accounts, YouTube)
– content creation for the above (posts, videos and ads)
– mailing service (email newsletter and print correspondence)
– website upgrade maintenance, creating shop campaigns
– developing the marketing plan in accordance with the new brand principles
– adjustment of the existing booking platform

Below I present you a few examples of changes we have made to the business and some totally new creations.

Logo Visualisation
Modern Stamped Logo Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics