Logo Design

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Logo Design


2017 Limited Edition throughout to Dec 25th 2017 This Lifetime version of ‘An Original Success Journal’ is complete with 200 pages and a stunning new 2017 jacket featuring the WuCat design. Beneath the WuCat jacket, you are welcomed with the plain navy, durable, linen cover. The WuCat edition serves to travel well and is distinct on any bookcase or desk. The spine features metallic gold lettering being perfect for affirming high personal standards. Enclosed are crisp, buttermilk cream pages chosen for their relaxing and contemplative feel. WuCat owners during Sept – Dec 2017 can attend our 1 day, all inclusive Intro Event for free – subject to booking terms. OSJ’s are incredible gifts for anyone who is already an OSJ member at or simply desires taking up the activity of using ‘their power of ‘Freewill’ effectively. Thank you for taking the time to get to know what OSJ’s are or are getting one to give. Do join us online and see what more we do.


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