We strive to make the very best, perfect CBD artisan oil for you. Each batch is made fresh with the whole hemp flower in the traditional way. Always lab tested, always chemical, pesticide, heavy metal free guaranteed, and always containing what it says on the bottle.
~ Michael Lynch & Kim Kindersley (HUGold Global Founders)


Michael Lynch has traveled all over the world on various projects. He met Kim Kindersley, an award-winning filmmaker, who was living in Ubud Bali at the time, through a mutual friend in Kenya in 2013, whilst consulting on an environmental project. Michael, who comes from a long line of farmers, returned home to Ireland in 2017 and soon moved into Riverside Farm, County Cavan, with his family.

The project was conceived with Kim Kindersley over the next few years. “I had started to take CBD oil for inflammation and to help with depression, this was my starting point and I was blown away at just how effective it was. I shared my findings with Michael, naively thinking it would be easy to grow hemp and make CBD oil ourselves.”

What has unfolded has been a magical challenging journey, which every day continues to inspire. In 2022 early January they fell foul of the FSA in Ireland and were forced to cease our beautiful production here. But their network of beautiful like-minded souls kicked in right away and now the new oil coproduced with their Swiss partners is even better.

I landed in the Team during this drastic and eventful transition from Cavan CBD farm to a brand new business operating from 3 different countries (Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Germany). As a Brand & Community Manager I have been working on rebranding, website and social media set-up, community communication and product design. 

Some visual samples are below:


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