Make the Invisible Visible
Ewelina Wu portrait drinking coffee

Hey, I’m Wu.

In general, I eat and breathe creativity

Playing with shapes, forms, colours, and 
compositions is my way of communicating with the World. Creativity is Life Force that allows me to put my unique stamp on the surrounding reality. This is how I tell a story.
Creativity is as subtle and airy-fairy, as it is practical and very bold
Creativity is a statement in the ever-changing All.  It is a Message written to make a mark.

I can help you make yours too.

you might know it already but...
Colour is a new black
My sparks

Parts of Me


I catch your memorable moments while you experience them in real time.

Graphic Designer

I translate your ideas into visuals so the world can understand your message.

Brand Wizard

I help you tell your story without compromising your unified and authentic style.

Portrait of a girl wearing wooden earrings
My Jewellery


Love for wood and the wooden object was imprinted in me in my early years. Seeing my Dad working with this beautiful element and creating various projects made me appreciate its beautiful properties. It’s warm, and comforting but also stable and strong. When I think “wood”, I feel “home”.
Wuden is the result of this love transferred into my handmade jewellery.

Chuje Wianki Logo

Chuje Wianki

The eco-clothing Loads of Bollocks [Polish: Chuje Wianki] were born from love to the nature (of humans) and love to nature simply. 
Vegan and sustainable, based on the circular fashion model – this makes me proud.

Let’s create!

Adding some spark to your Brand Identity might be this one massage away. Now tell me what is needed! 



Graphic Design

Brand Identity Strategy


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– Based in Ireland (Bray)
– Working internationally with all parts of the globe