*To watch closer, to dig into a deeper meaning, to capture the essence and release the potential.
I’m a spark seeker! AND HELL YEAH I FIND IT!


It’s awkward…

This awkward task when you need to write a thing or two about yourself.
Apparently magic happens outside the comfort zone, so let’s find out if I feel more magical after completing it… Bear with me…

Let’s start with those minor details.
Gender: female (I’m flattered if you guessed).
Age: born in 1983 and still counting (I’m SERIOUSLY flattered if you did not) in a small Polish town. Nevermind.
Where I live? In Ireland. Since 2004. It’s grand…

In general, I eat and breathe creativity. I have to.
Sometimes I wish I didn’t and owned a mindset of the Buddhist Monk.
But I don’t…

Fragment 1


First Nikon arrived in my inventory in early 2008. Since that moment my photography life chapter came in waves. A wave of studio work, a wave of the conceptual projects, a wave of the product shots, a wave of the creative collaborations and I guess the biggest one – the wave of the event photography. Mostly holistic ones, workshops, and concerts but I did capture a few weddings, family gatherings, and some other occasions.

I like this role. I walk around and watch. And wait. And press the trigger. THAT’S IT!
The world delivers the scene and I just happen to capture it.
In my own way.
(…with quite a pricey equipment,
and tedious, time-consuming post-production…)

Some samples of my work can be found HERE if you feel like having a look.

Graphic Designer
Fragment 2

Graphic Designer

Adventure with the Graphic Design officially starts in 2012, when I graduate from DIT in Dublin, completing the Level 8 course for Digital Media Production, specialising in Graphic Design (That’s bureaucracy: ticked off. I know, I know. All those titles sounds incredibly boring.).
My work history includes being an in-house designer for small businesses and corporate enterprises, the remote contractor, art director, junior designer, senior designer. And yes – at some point I opened my own company. Numerous hard drives are filled up with tonnes of projects. 8 years of creativity in different sectors has its price. And loads of beautiful memories.

What do I do?
I develop brands.
Or rebrand the existing ones.
I communicate the stories visually.

Graphic design is a practical field. Artform comes secondary.
Whether you are a motivational speaker, toilet paper producer, or a singer – you have your unique message to tell. And I help to translate it into your logo (to start), all your print marketing collateral, your signage, your packaging, clothing, cars, your presentations, datasheets, reports, moving into the Wild Wide World of the Online Content that is as complex as the print sector, and full of the design tasks. Social media, e-mails, user interface, infographics, websites.
All that visual jazz.

My graphic design portfolio can be found HERE.

Brand Wizard
Fragment 3

Brand Wizard

As a graphic designer, photographer, starting videographer, and the organisational freak, I become handy to create marketing strategies, brand guidelines, tone of voice, and deliver it in various forms of content.
Working with the brands organising large-scale events, I realised that the devil is in the details. And they all combined make a huge difference between the average and the spectacular. Years of experience in the hospitality and customer service sector, before my creative career exploded, provided me with the understanding, that people do not look for the product or service, but for the unforgettable experience. Period. Adding my other passion – psychology – also helps in developing a content plan that is engaging and human-focused.
Just saying….

Ewelina Wu portrait with dreads and magenta lipstick

Other Sparks

  • I design and make jewelry. Wood is my absolute top-one material.Samples of my Wuden Creations are available HERE, or you can find them in my Shop.

  • Mentioned before – PSYCHOLOGY! The study of the communication process, and human nature. So fascinating and so helpful in self-understanding. I could talk about it all day…

  • Dance. Another fascination that has not vanished after the age of 4 but lasted till today. “Who would you like to be when you’re older? A dancer!” – I would reply. The path was never pursued in a professional manner, which sometimes gives me a hint of loss and regret, but it’s this activity that is a source of my pure release and joy. Best therapy…

  • …hand in hand with a deep meaningful conversation.

  • C O L O U R S! I am a rainbow junkie! As I say – colour is the new black. You will very likely spot me from a distance. Parrot-style full stop.

  • Healthy food: mostly vegan with vegetarian variations. For many reasons. Ethical, ecological, health, and the creative aspect of cooking.

  • Huskies. I adore them. I love all dogs. BUT HUSKIES!!!

  • Notebooks. I am a notebook/stationery-holic.

  • I find nice fonts/Typeform/caligraphy sexy. A letter is an artform by itself. That probably explains the decision to become a graphic designer…

  • Djembe and African drumming.

  • Ethno-electronic music. Genre fusions in general.

  • Good talks/lectures/speeches – subjects related to sociology/psychology and spirituality.

  • Interior design. Oh my! Composing the space is pure heaven. If the furniture is not moved around my home at least once a month it simply means something is wrong with me.

  • Trying new things. Whether it is a new dish, ziplining, or a skydive. I treat my life as a bucket list. I do not really write the list but my bucket is huge so the stakes are high!

  • Travel. Very trivial – everyone loves to travel.