When your Best Friend asks you to design a logo for her, her surname is Storm and it’s is this kind of person that takes no s#it, YOU (BETTER) DO DELIVER!
This brand is still under construction, as many objects that will come out this talented women’s hands, but here you go.

Let me introduce you to SHITSHORM [polish: GÓWNOBURZA].

She is going to be big. Trust me on this!

Gownoburza Logo Design
Logo Design Process
Gownoburza Logotype
Gownoburza Brandmark

Gownoburza - Facebook Cover
Facebook Cover

Tagline [Polish]
Tagline [English]

Gownoburza Product Box

Gownoburza pharmacy Jar
Bottle – Logo Visualisation

Gownoburza Weck Jar
Weck Jar – Logo Visualisation

Gownoburza Leather Pouch
Drawstring Pouch – Logo Visualisation

Gownoburza - golden bottle
Bottle – Logo Visualisation
NO MESSING [Photo by me]