“The time is now.
Wake up to the wild call of Nature. FEEL.
Discover the magnificence of Her spirit. HEAL.
Be the one with Her source. BLEND.
Open up to Her. SEE.
Experience Her potential. REAL.
Fall in love with Her essence. TRUE.
Adore Her presence. BE.”

Usually, you will see me behind the camera, but this experience was a little bit different.
I have been invited by I’m your dirty Sacred to dance in their video clip called Temptation.
My passion for dance and media production happened to be combined in one space and the results are below:

”I’m Your Dirty Sacred” is a Dublin based ethnic electronic music project formed by Sandra Maria (Heart Singing) and Marcin (Emiji Music / Ambient Trips). Their music is influenced by entheogenic plants and shadow work and their personal experiences in a game of life. It’s an eclectic combination of sounds of the rainforest, electronic drums, African percussion, didgeridoo, atmospheric pianos, electric violin, flutes. Distinct music production creates a unique vibe for Sandra’s intuitive singing and world, soul, and pop music influenced melodies.

Check them out: