“Rene Quinton was a French Physiologist, who studied comparative temperature and salt concentration between different species, demonstrating that in order for an evolving organism to successfully leave the ocean, it had to take this life-supporting solution with it and therefore concluding that our own internal body terrain today has evolved from the ocean itself.

This research led Quinton to identify the plankton bloom vortex in the ocean where microscopic phytoplankton releases a mix of nutrient-rich bioactive minerals.

Today, this mineral marvel, now known as Cellnutrition Quinton, continues to be harvested from the same pristine plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean as it was more than 100 years ago. It contains all of the 78 minerals and trace elements required by the body, in perfect proportions, and in a fully bioavailable form to support optimal wellbeing.”

There was no way I could have explained it without the support of the description above, but in a nutshell Cell Nutrition uses up Quinton in their products.

I worked with them on their rebranding proposal.
(And some translation services but this is a completely different story).

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