The Trailblazery

“The Trailblazery is a cultural enterprise dedicated to creatively activating the spirit of our times so that we can take better care of ourselves, each other, and this place we call home.

We do this by designing and producing live events, learning experiences and creative mentorship programmes on and offline. We catalyse pioneering collaborative projects that capture the public imagination, tackle wicked problem solving and promote cultural well-being. We champion and celebrate people who challenge the status quo and blaze trails in their own spectacular or intimate way.”

Working with The Trailblazery is definitely a creative breath of fresh air in terms of how tradition and culture are portrayed and translated into their projects. It’s not only rooted in history and sentiments but also very connected to the current times and its reality. Mental, emotional and physical. 

One of their project, Scoil Scairte,  is an online 9-week course orientated around Irish heritage, culture and language. I joined Trailblazery to work on their social media presence and mailing campaigns promoting the launch of the course. 

The other aspect of Trailblazery is called Moon Medicine. This is online women’s circle is a space dedicated to “creatrixes – artists, activists, householders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, trailblazers, healers, coaches, teachers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters to midwife an emerging future”.


Scoil Scairte 4 Guides
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